A bit about me and my company...

Hi! I'm Molly, your go-to marketing tool.

After some forward thinking and realising I wanted to take control of my own life again, I realised a passion that I could form my life around... SOCIAL MEDIA! ​​

For as long as I can remember, social media has been a part of my life but I had no wish like other girls to be an 'influencer' but to help businesses achieve their goals through a subject I know a lot about.

I became fascinated with learning algorithms and growth hacks, this is where my business grew from.  

A little about my company; we are a passionate and driven digital marketing company located in Hampshire and helping businesses all over the country. 

With a new and fresh mind, Socique Marketing aim to help reach business-changing results for ambitious client whilst sharing our knowledge amongst the wider industry.​

With knowledge in all things social media and digital marketing, there is always an expert to help. Our team work with your goals in mind to prove success against valuable metrics so you can be confident that your budget is being well spent.

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